Treglas as a partner

Treglas Ltd is a one-stop-partner company providing its customers with the world’s best glass processing equipment, maintenance and spare part services. Our mission is to improve our customer’s production efficiency and quality.

The right equipment for the customer needs

We rely on our representing brands Hegla, Viprotron and Systron, whose know-how and research and development are the best in their class. You will benefit market leaders top equipment and services, which are tailored to your specific needs.

Higher performance out of your equipment

As a Treglas customer, you have specialists and equipment suppliers unconditional support always behind you. Our experts assist you with equipment procurement and maintenance by advising and providing the technology, that will best serve your needs. Customer-specific and right solutions make the foundation for the success and  increase your company’s performance.

We help you in sourcing and execution of the project

From the first enquiry through to commissioning and way beyond, our experts are available to you, responding quickly and efficiently. This will ensure that your business schedule runs smoothly and efficiently from the planning stage to the operation of your production lines.

Maximizing your success with after sales service

We do not only sell, we will take care of the entire life cycle of your machinery. Continuous training and development of skills for our personnel ensures, that we can provide the best possible after sales service and manage any warranty issues in rapidly changing markets. Our customers can focus on their key areas of business and improve the performance of their company.


The satisfaction of our customers is in first-rate importance to us. That is why we do not consider ourselves as just salesmen but more importantly as service providers for our clients. Together we identify needs and develop our one-stop-partner solutions to improve your process efficiency.

Nothing is so good that cannot be improved. Constant striving for improvement and “quality in all our activities” guide the entrepreneurship of Treglas.