Rottler und Rüdiger und Partner GmbH


Rottler und Rüdiger und Partner GmbH was founded in 1982 and is headquartered near Nuremberg in Langenzenn, Germany. Today, the R&R Group has 4 sites in Germany and is well-known worldwide and recognized as a reliable partner among customers in all aspects of the insulating glass process.

In addition to manual machines R&R’s areas of excellence include fully automatic Georgian bar spacer assembly robots, High Performance Spacer (HPS) material spacer benders, milling cutters and ultrasonic frame welding robots.

The R&R slogan “Upgrading your glass” is a good reflection of R&R’s open customer relationship, which is the basis for mutual success and enables new innovations. High responsibility, reliability and practical approach are the strengths that guarantee the success of R&R customers.

Treglas is your R&R High Performance Spacer and Georgian bar spacer processing machine provider in Finland, Scandinavia, and Baltics.

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